YouTube – the broadcast yourself phenomena is a part of our culture, like it or not.  While there is much on YouTube that we could debate, there are hidden treasures to help us teach and promote the Gospel.

But what is the best way to use YouTube?

1) You can use a YouTube App: 

You can find apps for your smart phone, or ipad that make it easy (if you are online) to share and show your youtube videos.

2) You can embed your YouTube link directly into your presentation:

You can simply cut and paste the link for your video into your PowerPoint and then click the link to watch it.   You could also use a great program like PREZI which makes using Youtube a snap.  (again this only works if you are online.)

3) You can convert the YouTube video and download a format you can use with a website like ZAMZAR.

All you do is copy the video url and paste it into Zamzar, pick the format you want it in, give zamzar your email and wait….. and in a few minutes you will be sent a link to download your clip.

4) You can use a great Firefox add-on to make downloading as easy as one click!

This is my favorite option.  If you are not a firefox user, start by getting a free copy of the latest version of their browser (GET IT HERE).  The best addon that I have found is I would agree with the name.  Once you install this you will see a new option below your youtube video to DOWNLOAD.

Before you go, repeat after me, “We don’t use video for video sake, but when they help us to make a point or advance the Gospel.”   Enjoy your videos and rememebr… use them with care.