At my congregation many staff come to my office with a common question? “Can you think of a good video clip that would go with…?” I have become the media go to guy. I have collected a vast number of clips over the years that I use in ministry. Some of the clips are ones that I have purchased from various places like SermonSpice or WorshipHouse.

BUT if you know me at all you know my favorite clips are ones I have recorded myself or found for free from places like YouTube.

Not long ago I stumbled on a great free resource from our friends at The Youth Cartel. They have begun to look through the millions of clips on YouTube and put together a handy discussion guide, based on some great random clip they have found. Did I mention that this discussion guide is FREE? While it is not going to fill out your teaching schedule for the year, it will give you that quick devo in the back pocket that we as youth workers enjoy. You can sign up to get their free email derived to your inbox each week by CLICKING HERE or the Logo above.

Come back for YouTube You Can Use (part 2) as we look as some handy tools to help using YouTube video a snap, even when you are off line!

Click Here For Part 2