DestinationUnknownWEBMost people enjoy a little mystery in their life.  It is also true that many people enjoy a “road trip.”  Now you have the opportunity to but a little mystery into a road trip and form the perfect youth event, Destination Unknown.

The premise is quite simple, pick a location for a youth event, line up some drivers, invite the youth, but don’t tell them anything about it.  Well maybe you have to tell them something like start and end time along with price, but that’s it. Just a note I have found it is sometimes best to not tell the drivers ahead of time either, let’s just say, “lose lips, sink ships.”

You really can do almost anything for a Destination Unknown.

  • A trip to a cemetery to talk about death and resurrection.
  • A trip to a bank vault to talk about Biblical Stewardship.
  • A trip to neighboring churches to wash their window – and talk about the body of Christ.
  • A trip to a junkyard to talk about the fleeting nature of wealth.
  • A trip to a pizza place for a great night of fellowship!
  • A Trip to the SPAM Museum in Austin MN for a talk about God’s Provision – Greatest Caned Meat on the planet!

My favorite is to charge $5-7 per person and travel to a Walmart or Target (not too close to the church) and when you get there divide them into teams, give them their money back and have them shop to fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.  Head back to the church or a sponsors home to pack the boxes and have a Bible study on caring for the needs of others.  If you do this event in June they will never suspect Operation Christmas Child.

As youth workers I know that you will have even more creative Destination Unknown Ideas or Ideas for other youth events.  Share them here with a comment and we will all use them.  The idea with the most comments (by June 1st) will win a free Scripture Art Pack from GodPonders.

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