So we all known that some people rely on them too much perhaps, but there is a place, even in your YouTube world for a Telepromptor.

In this age of YouTube all you need is a computer with a Webcam and you have your very own Video Studio. Lets face it you do not even have to be that good to get noticed, you just have to be better than millions of other people.

So believe it or not, rules of quality still apply on the Internet. a big part of the success or lack there of, is found in your presentation. Don’t forget a little good content doesn’t hurt either, but presentation is the main thing as many content poor videos have made it big.

So to be like the President just turn your computer into a teleprompter with TeleKast. This FREE program allows you to create and segment scripts. Print them out or display them in real-time.

While it can’t display mirror images, yet (remember it’s free), this means it won’t replace professional teleprompter software. However, for the youth worker on a budget or better yet, without a budget – It’s perfect.

So download and create that next “big thing” online! Download HERE.