I got a phone call yesterday in the office, (I work full time at Cross View Lutheran Chruch) from a christian book publisher who wanted me to order a new Bible Study curriculum that they put out.  We had a nice conversation, I even ended up ordering the study for review.  At the end of the phone call I head “Thanks for your order, you have a happy holiday season!”

I was stunned for just a moment, what a Christian Publisher really wishing me “Happy Holidays!.” My response was, “I plan on having a Merry Christmas not a Happy Holiday.”  Have we become so afraid that we can not even say Merry Christmas to another Christian?  While I recognize the fact that this sales person might not have been a Christian, just because they worked for a Christian company, but Come On! these sales call are all scripted!

Last year I first found one of these buttons and was excited to wear it.  I also carried one in my pocket, so if someone commented, and said they liked the button or the message it carried I could give them one,  It’s time to take back Christmas the joyous celebration of the birth of Christ.  His presence among us has changed the course of human history for eternity.


If you would like to order some buttons, or magnets for your car just click the button to visit the website www.wmamc.com and spread a little Christmas Joy!

<>< Craig