lightstock_179176_medium_user_1393445The celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas day is over.  The pews were packed for Christmas eve Worship, at least the early service. The family came and opened presents, ate some “roast beast”, maybe even sang a carol or two.  There may have been a hot card game around the kitchen table.  My family enjoyed Christmas Punch, and a little Cafe’ Mocha.

christmas treeBefore you pitch the Christmas Tree to the curb, let me remind you that Christmas just started!  We have 12 days to celebrate Christmas.  Time for more punch, cookies, even more gifts.  So don’t start packing away those ornaments just yet.  In fact there is a part of our great Christmas decorations that have not even make it out yet.

This leads me to my most important question of the day, “Where are your wiseguys?”  The three Kings, with the Camel or two from your nativity set?  Don’t tell me their at the manger with the shepherds.  This is just the beginning of their journey.  Give a shepherds a day or two to hang out with baby Jesus but then put them back in the fields.

Now start the journey of the Wise Men to the home of Mary, Joseph, and toddler Jesus.  Since the Magi most likely came about 2 years after Jesus birth he was no longer in the manger. (since all nativity makers fail to include a toddler Jesus you might just have to prop the manger up on end and make it look like he is standing) 

wiseguysOur Wise Guys are set to arrive from across the room by January 6th – Epiphany.  So once again I need to ask Where are your wiseguys?  Leave me a comment below and let me know where your are hanging out these days.