Last week we shared that Luther was ranked number 3 on the Time-Life millennium list. Time-Life undertook to amass a list of the most important events and people of the past 1,000 years. After several months of “very contentious meetings”, they arrived at the top 100.

So while the good Dr. Luther made number three on the list I know the burning question in your mind is who made number one!  That belongs to Johann Gutenberg, but more precisely the Gutenberg Bible! That is an anniversary worth celebrating as well!

In 1455 Gutenberg marked a milestone in the millennium’s technology revolution when he mastered typeset printing. Gutenberg printed 300 of his amazingly beautiful Bibles, today know as the “Gutenberg Bible.” Today only 48 copies are known to have survived, and they are an amazing treasure.

You might be asking why an event from 1455 is being talked about on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation? Simple – without the printing press Martin Luther’s 95 theses might have died on the church door where he posted them. But it was the wide circulation of his works that sped the reformation along.