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FREE is one of my favorite 4 letter words.  I have often taken for myself the title of King of The Freebies. Now don’t think of me as cheep, but as frugal, or better yet, a great steward.  Today I want to let you in on a couple of great freebies that I have discovered.  Both of these are from sights that have graphics to sell, and I have purchased from both of them. What brings me back to their sites each week is a fresh round of freebies!

creative-market-free-fontsCREATIVE MARKET offers free fonts, graphics, and more each week.  This is a great source of ideas, as well as graphic support for various projects.  I don’t grab all the freebies each week I do grab the free font each week. One never knows when they will need a creative font for a poster, flyer or PowerPoint.


lightstock_logoLIGHTSTOCK offers a great selection of “faith-focused, Royalty-Free Stock Images.” These are great for your PowerPoint presentations or your church newsletter or the latest blog post.  They offer 1 free photo and 1 free vector drawing each week.  In addition they also offer 1 free video clip per month.  I always snag the free image and have a large collection of both free and purchased images from LightStock.


I always grab freebies even if I can’t think of a use at the moment for the image. I am always amazed when months or even years later I need an image and I look through my collection and I already have the perfect image.

Do you have a great FREEBIE SOURCE leave it in the comments below I would love to hear about it.  Share the wealth…