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This is a question I get alot as I speak at various places.  Typically it comes from an overworked youth worker who is struggling just to get a message put together for youth night, and is thankful that power-point comes with “masters.”  So I thought I would help you out with a couple of Ideas to help you out.  There are a few websites and programs that I frequent.  You can put these in the “for whatever its worth” file.


My newest favorite site is a subscription site: SHAREFAITH  Between their Sermon Power Points, Video Loops, and print templates it is a subscription I have kept for 2 years now.  You can check it all out for free (They have 10 free samples)  – they let you look all you want!  They even have it on sale between now and December 28 with 20% off with coupon code CHRISTMAS.

If you are looking for some nice FREE Graphics that other churches have developed and used here is a site where all the sharing we learned in kindergarten come to life online.  VINTAGE CHURCH For me this is a great source of ideas and inspiration. Many times they have video clips, theme graphics, title slides, etc.  These often include the Photo Shop files.  Don’t worry if you don’t have Photo Shop.  I have a FREE solution for you. (wild applause)


This program has been on my desktop for many years.  While the program continues to change and update it’s simplicity remains it’s strong suite.  THE LOGO CREATOR from LaughingBird Software is a must have for the office of every Youth Worker.  With it you can design simple and quick graphics and logos for event fliers, websites, and more.  I use this program about once a week.  So see one of the uses I have for this program visit my youth ministry site and notice the rotating images on the front page of upcoming events.  these graphics were all done quickly and simply with The Logo Creator.   -They even have an ipad app for just $1.99.


One last program for those who do not have Photoshop (that would be me) but still want to work with Photoshop files and design great layered graphics.  GIMP  So what can I tell you… it does what Photoshop does, for the most part, for FREE.  While it take a little learning, there are many great sites with helps to help you learn this great program.

So go on and be creative!  The Gospel was never meant to be dull!  (Just make sure the graphics don’t get in the way of  THE Message!)

<>< Craig