I can still remember grabbing that worn-out set of playing cards, and clipping a new card (or two) to my bike frame to make that great engine sound.  Then we would Zooooooom around the neighborhood,  We would race around the block, or around the elementary school that was in my backyard. That was fun!

The bike gave way to the skateboard and wow could we Zooooooom on those things. Mine was a transparent red, I not only was cool, I even looked cool. Once we figured out that we could tie a rope on the back of a bike, grab on to the rope, and be sent flying like a slingshot we were Zoooooooming. Later we would learn to grab on to the side mirrors or rear bumpers of the passing cars. That was fun! (Pondering God does not endorse any such not-helmet wearing skateboard shenanigans, we were trained professionals – That what I told the DR. when he set my arm – both times.)

Later those single-speed machines would give way to 10-speed bikes, now those could really Zooooooom. They went so fast that we didn’t even need to sound reinforcement.  I can remember z Zoooooooming all-around town and even to nearby cities on our ten-speed.  Now we would race around the local fairgrounds, the city block was too small and the school had too many tight corners. That was fun!

Age 16 I got my license and started driving a pumpkin orange Chevette. I was Zoooooooming now, but I could have used the playing cards on the wheels to give it a little more sound.  I literally had to say Zooooooom as I drove.  It did have built-in cruise control, with 2 or more people in the car it would max out at 55 with the AC running, turn the AC off and it would make at 61. This was a real man’s Chevette it had 4 on the floor! Even this was fun.

I later would upgrade my wheels to a 1969 Pontiac Catalina – It looked like a boat, but it could REALLY Zooooooom. and it had room for 12 of my closest friends inside. Now those were fun Zooooooom meetings.

Fast-forward to today and I have no less than 6 zoom meetings in the next two days.  Nothing fun about these. In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all discovered that we can meet at any time of the day or night from anywhere we are, oh goodie.  Gone are the days when I could say “I’m not going to be in the office that day – sorry” We also can’t say, “I’m traveling and will not be available for about a week,” because we are not going anywhere.  Don’t have a web-camera on your desktop computer, no problem your laptop has one, so does your tablet, your phone, and perhaps even your refrigerator.  We are Zoooooooming all the time, but we are not having any fun.  I’m pretty sure I am coming down with a case of “hyper-zoom-aplasia” for which I will later be able to sue my employer and the civic club that made me sit for hours on zoom calls.

So what do you say we email more, zoom less, and find an old deck of cards, a clothespin, and REALLY Zooooooom!