2014-12-20 20.29.20-1I think we can all agree, mail is not as exciting as it once was.  Our mail these days is full of contribution requests, bills, and other assorted junk mail.  The day of the hand written letter are gone.  There is very little truly personal mail anymore.

EXCEPT for this time of year.  I love getting mail when the box is full of Christmas cards,  and letters.  Those cards are easy to pick out from the quickly  tossed junk mail.   I enjoy reading cards and letters from family and friends, many of which I don’t see very often.  Sometimes I haven’t had any contact with them since last years Christmas card and letter. I enjoy hearing about the children that are now in college, the parents who are now retired , the new jobs, the new grand kids and the occasional Dog who has penned the letter since the family was too busy this year.

But lets be brutally honest, we have even started wimping out on the Christmas letter and just send a small photo colleague of family photos with a preset “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.”  But that’s a topic for another day.

This year the Christmas Cards in my box are mixed with sympathy cards from friends and family.   Once the bills are sifted out, the junk mail is tossed the remaining cards all look the same on the outside. It is an odd combination of cards to read, yet at the same time the two cards go well together.  Friends and family want to stay connected, and share what is going on in their lives through a Christmas Card.  These same friends and family want to express their comfort to my family in this hard month we have had.

I have started opening all the cards and intentionally reading them mixed in with one another. What can be more hope filled and express more comfort than the ideas of a Baby.  Not just any Baby, but the Lamb of God, Jesus.  His birth is a source of comfort and hope to the world.  His coming in the flesh has left this world forever changed.  For whatever you are going through this Christmas Season may the love and light of the Christ Child fill you with comfort and joy.

p.s. you wont find our card for a while – we never send them out until the end of Christmas and the start of Epiphany…. That reminds me where are your wise men these days?