This is day made ripe for grumbling and complaining.  It is April 19 in Minnesota and we received 10″ of snow overnight.  The last few days the news has been going from bad to worse.  From the Boston Bombing, to the West Texas explosion.  Many lives have been taken, many more scared and torn.  In the manhunt in Boston officers have been killed and wounded.  I am trying to launch a new business while trying to figure out where the next house payment is coming from.


BUT     I Choose To Rejoice

It is not hard for me to find reason to rejoice as I sit in my home office at my computer writing this post.  I just finished clearing my driveway with my snowblower, I rejoice I have a snowblower.  I cleared the driveway so later I can get to work.  I rejoice that I have a part-time job.  I write this on my working computer, in my warm home, as I see a beautiful (albeit out of season) snow fall outside my window.  I have a wife who loves me and has stood by me through some of the hardest months of our lives, and two boys who are healthy.  I have a 10-year-old camera that still takes beautiful photos, and the ability to edit them, and a way to share them.

My greatest reason to rejoice is in my Savior, Jesus the Christ.  He came to redeem me by the offering of his very own life in my place, while I was still an enemy of His.  He gives me the very breath of Life and His ever-present Spirit to remind me to Rejoice!  All this under the sovereign care of a God who has everything under control!

WHAT’S ON YOUR REJOICE LIST?   Please take a moment and Share them with me in the comments below so that I can be encouraged, and others who read this as well.