For many years I have managed and designed websites for Ministries and personal use.  I have used a variety of platforms from pre-designed fill in the blank websites by ForMinistry.Com to various content management systems like post-nuke and Joomla . But In my humble opinion there is no finer platform for basic web development then WordPress.  There may be better ways to host a website if you are a professional web designer and developer, but for those of us weekend web geeks, WordPress is where I will put my money.

wordpresslogo Speaking of money did I mention that all the platforms I listed above including WordPress are free? WordPress is one of a series of open source programs which is used by many top companies, including People, ebay, GodPonders and CNN.

WordPress comes in 2 “formats” an open source download format that you can install on a hosted web server.  This format is also available to be installed and configured by most web hosting companies. There is a second easy way to use WordPress by using the website to host your website

WordPress is much more than a simple blog site, with thousands of free and professionally developed themes, and plugins which allow you to do everything from import your twitter feeds, or show off your latest photos in an online gallery.  There are even plugins to help you use all the tools of the internet to draw people to your site and see your stats through the google analytics program.

It is even possible to set up your website to post a note on twitter or facebook when you add new content.  like this post right here!

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