Water Cooler ConversationsYou have been wanting to have more “meaningful”  water cooler conversations with people at work. You are tired of just talking about the weather and the fact that the Packers have lost every game since Mike Ditka put on a Packer sweater for McDonalds. The big question is what do I talk about?

Let’s just replay yesterday in your mind for a moment. Did you see anything yesterday that made you pause . . . a beautiful sunset, perhaps? Did you read something that caught your interest? Did you notice anything on the way to work, or at your son’s game last night, that struck you as odd? If we are all honest about yesterday, something will stand out.

Now take that “thing” that stands out from yesterday and connect it with your faith in Christ. Did the sunset remind you of God’s amazing creating power? Did the newspaper article remind you how much the world needs a good moral compass? Did the bumper sticker you saw on the drive remind you of how much you love the children God has blessed you with? Did the parents who were arguing at the soccer game make you thankful for your spouse?

If we take the time to connect even one event from yesterday with our faith in Christ, we now have one thing we can share at work at the water cooler. “Didn’t God paint an amazing sunset last night? It felt like He was showing off!” “I read about that trial yesterday downtown, maybe we do need to put the Ten Commandments up in more places.” “I am just amazed by who God created my child to be—they are such an amazing blessing.” “Yesterday I watched two parents go at it at my son’s game—makes me feel blessed to have (spouse’s name) in my life.”

These simple little conversation starters can open the door to so many other possibilities. I am not saying that every time you start a conversation like this it is going to lead to a deep conversation on the existence of a Divine Creator. I am saying that if we take the time to season our conversations in this way, it will have an effect on you and others.

You will begin to see connections to faith and life all around you. You will notice things with eyes of faith that never struck you before. You will start to be a more grateful person as you observe God at work all around you.

Others will notice that you are a person of faith. They will begin to feel comfortable around you if they want to have a faith-related conversation. People will seek you out when something happens in their world that defies explanation, (i.e. job loss, illness, death).

Join the Conversation: I would love to hear what you have been pondering. Take a moment and share what you will use at your next water cooler moment. Tell us how you have connected the everyday events with your faith.

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