Many saw this as a huge step for the long time PC User.  I am the one that has said “Don’t rely on fruit, when what you need is a computer.”  But I am not to big to say – this iPad thing it is a winner.  It also is a great tool for ministry.

I loooked at the new iPad 2 and my budget and decided on a iPad 1 via Craig’s List.  I got a good deal and must admit I’m not sure what all the fuss is about the iPad 2, since the Camera is not that great and I would not exactly say that the iPad one is to heavy to carry around.

I must admit I am a gadget guy, I carried a palm device, when they first came out, I went to a pocket PC and even to a Google smart phone.  I have a 2nd generation iPod and a iTouch that I use all the time.

So the real question now is… What apps are you running and is it useful or just a toy.

The first app that I put on my new iPad was YapTap from Madgravity.

I have been a YapTap user since the very beginning, and it is a great tool to stay connected with youth or any group.

There is also a version for the iTouch/iPhone called MyYapTap.

The second app installed was one I have enjoyed for years on my iTouch – CalenGoo.

This Google Calendar program is a life saver be tween my iTouch, my Android phone, my Outlook on my desktop, google Calendar on my laptop, and my new iPad.

Google Calendar is a great way to keep it all together.

The third app was a no brainier it was the mighty Dropbox. 

If you are not using Dropbox i have just one question…. Have you been living under a rock?  Don’t you read my blog?  The single most awesome productivity tool on any of my devices is Dropbox.

Dropbox – don’t leave work without it!

After this the apps came fast and furious and I will share more favorites in the days to come.

<>< Craig