820A1482-ED3C-4FF4-BD2B-B02FD42CECEC.pngWe are currently in one of those seasons of life that we hope will not come but we plan as if it will. It’s that time when the money coming in is less than the money going out. We also know this is not a long season, or so we pray. Yet in the midst of it I am again drawn to the Miracle of the feeding of the four thousand.

Jesus is brought a few loaves of bread for all the people, he gives thanks for it, and distributes it. He then is given a couple of fish, he again gives thanks for them and distributes them. It is what comes next that is the amazing part. From this meager amount Jesus feeds the four thousand men and whoever is with them. It hardly seemed like enough, yet Jesus gave thanks for it. After everyone had eaten he sent the 12 to pick up the leftovers. At the feeding of the 5,000 they picked up 13 lunch size baskets. Jesus showed himself as a God of provision.

Not this time, this time they only picked up 7 baskets. This time he shows himself tone a God of abundance. These are not lunch pail size baskets, these are man size baskets, these are huge. From a meager amount he provides abundance.

I need this lesson, on these days when it would be easy to grumble about the need for more money, or give up and say, what difference does it make if it’s not enough… It’s not enough. I need to remember to give thanks for what I have,even when it is not, by my eyes enough, and wait for God’s provision and abundance.

Hear me out, his abundance might come in the form of the sale of a home, and a lower house payment, it may come in the form having enough reserves fora season like this, His abundance might be that peace that passes understanding that holds us close during the hard days.

Lord help me to rejoice and give thanks in your provision and to wait on your abundance.

<>< Craig