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two minutes moreI often hear from people who struggle with how to start spending time with God.  My question is “How much time are you spending each day in the Word and prayer?” I have a secret, my answer to them is always the same, “Just add two minutes more.” How stressful is 2 minutes? Who can’t find two minutes in each day?

If you are currently not spending any time in the Word each day – add two minutes more. I know some of you are thinking, what difference is two minutes going to make? While others are thinking how do I find two more minutes?

Let me give you the same challenge I gave myself some time ago.  Take the “First Two Minutes Challenge.” This challenge is for those of you who already spend regular time in the Word, and for those who do not.

STEP ONE: Sign up for the First Two Minutes Challenge by clicking the button below.

STEP TWO: Each morning as soon as your alarm goes off grab your phone and read the email that we sent you overnight from the book of Psalms, no commentary, no devotion just scripture.

STEP THREE: Read it again and again slowly, until your two minutes are up.

STEP FOUR: Go about your day.

first two minutes


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