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It never ceases to amaze me when God works for my good in my normal everyday life. A number of years ago (more than I can remember), Shirley and I went to a timeshare presentation. In a moment of weakness, we bought into a timeshare at Breezy Point. Those of you from Minnesota that know of the resort are thinking, “Not bad . . . Breezy Point is a nice resort.” It is a nice resort. But our timeshare week is the last week in October, about 2 weeks past the colors, and about 3 weeks past when they basically shut down Breezy Point.

2015-10-28 09.10.50-1What can I say . . . I’m cheap! In fact, God uses this cheapness each year to force me to take a couple days away and relax. After all, we paid for the timeshare and paid our annual “maintenance fee” . . . we can’t just let that money go to waste. So here I am, at the beautiful Lakes Latte coffee shop working on my blog for the day. The last week in October is not when my brain would tell me to head up to the lake to enjoy the cold October rain surrounded by the brown trees, stripped of their color and leaves. The timing for me this year is perfect.

Tonight I also get to share the gospel with Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Pequot Lakes, an opportunity I would most likely not have if I were not already in the area. I thank God for the purchase we made many years ago, and have laughed at many times over the years. So until someone buys our week (yes, it is for sale, and for the low price of $250 you could become a timeshare owner in one of the state’s premier resorts), we will continue to relax each year at the end of October.

Do you have a Breezy Point memory? How does God help you to relax?  I would love to hear from you.