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I have a large box in the basement that I pull out each Christmas, with my collection of Christmas Music.  I have some favorites that I have enjoyed for years, and several new ones that I added just last year. 

EasterWe are days away from Holy week at we prepare for the grand celebration of Easter.  As I head to the basement to grab my Easter music I find the same thing each year.  It is a tiny collection.  So here is my plea!  How about if we the Christian community stared to put out some Resurrection Albums.  It is a day that changed the world and without the festival of the Resurrection and the truth of God that it celebrates – we would have nothing to sing about at Christmas.

Maybe in this day of homemade music collections I should assemble my own CD’s. Here are a few of my favorites:

I know there are more – Please share with all of us what are your favorite Easter Songs / Hymns?