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The tag line Apple has been using “There’s an app for that” is very true.  I watched my piano tuner use his pocket PC to tune my piano the other day, so I check the Apple app store and sure enough there are apps for that, ranging from free to $299.00 for one that I think also makes coffee.

It is one thing to get free apps, which is a great deal often, It is another to get an app that saves you money.  As a youth worker and all around cheap guy – I love a bargain so here are a few of my favorite bargain apps!  While they are all free apps they have potential to save you big bucks.

WootWatch is a gem of a deal – every day my friends at Woot sell a couple of things, on their simple, great deal websites,, and  There deals of the day range from computers to today’s deal “ShamWow! 16 pack”  shipping is just $5.00 no mater what you buy, except the T-Shirts, that shipping is free unless you are in a big hurry than you can overnight it for $5.00.

Price: $FREE

Daily Deals bring you the best of…. daily deals from Amazon, and other deal services like dealcatcher, dealnews, dealslist, deals2buy, techbargains, and my favorite slickdeals.



It looks like a regular barcode scanner app at first glance, but ShopSavvy claims its free app has support for more than 20,000 big-name retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Walmart–plus online stores such as and It also features an attractive UI with easy price comparisons for local and web retailers, plus configurable price alerts. A built-in store info database lets you get directions, e-mail links, launch a store’s website, and call the store directly.


I have pulled this beauty out at several conferences as a speaker talks about a book, I check the price, add to my wishlist or simply order it. You no longer need a computer to search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on This clean and easy-to-use free app for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry does the heavy lifting for you. If you have 1-Click set up, it’s just that simple to buy. Amazon customers have full access to existing carts, wish lists, order history, and shipping options. Plus, you still get Prime membership benefits.


Do you have an app that saves you money? makes you more productive? helps share the gospel?  Share it with us!

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