Some of my favorite Bible Story memories from my childhood involved a flannel graph.  I enjoy the flannel graph so much that I have developed a series of talks build around “Human Flannel Graphs.” This is not why I am writing to you today.  My good friend Keith Ferrin at That You May Know ministries shared an exciting link with me the other day.  Something that he refered to as “Digital Flannel Graph”.  As a big flannel fan I had to pass it on to you.

Eikon3EIKON from the Greek  “ei-kon”  image, visual representation.  Their tagline is “Stunning graphics for all forms of children’s ministry.”

One visit to their website and you will find a rich assortment of graphics, PowerPoint, comic books (ebooks as well as print), and videos (digital and physical DVD). Granted these images are not for everyone, but they have great potential in children’s ministry and beyond.

Keep reading for one of my favorite words is at the end of this post, a FREE offer.

PowerPoint Packs – “digital flannel graph”

A sample from The Road to Damascus PowerPointEikon Damascus

Tell the whole bible story in a series of still “flannel like” images. tell the story at your pace, no video script to be tied into.

Every powerpoint pack also includes printable PDFs of activities you can try with you class or youth group

Currently there are more than 100  complete storiesto choose from, so the chance of you finding the Bible story you want is very high. You can purchase individual stories for about $10, but they are also sold in “Packs” of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 – bringing the price down as low as $3.33 per story.

But wait there is more…

In addition to the powerpoints they also have Comic Books  (both in print and in ebook format) and Short Films (as downloads or on DVD) for you as well.

Willie Deans From Eikon Art has  agreed to share three specials for my readers:

  1. You can download the Road to Damascus PowerPoint story for free right from their website. (You will have to create an account, but don’t have to purchase anything.)
  2. Willie said that my readers could take 20% off their entire first order. Just use this coupon code: INTRO
  3. Willie will give you THREE PowerPoint Stories of your choice (in addition to the Road to Damascus) simply by sending out the tweet below and then letting him know on this page.

“Get 3 FREE PowerPoint Bible Stories for #KIDMIN from @Eikon_Bible_Art. Simply ReTweet then go here Tweet this!

Eikon Bible Art. Check it out. Or share it with the KidMin Pastor at your church.