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The past week I have been fighting a cold, and a few moments at the computer seem to be all I can muster.  As a Pastor this is a busy time of year, there are sermons to write, services to plan and more than I care to think. This is my first Christmas as an ordained Pastor – it needs to be a Christmas to remember – one to bless the people who are in my congregation. As a Pastor who also suffers from depression, these days are hard, my anxiety grows the longer I lay on the couch trying not to cough. There are many things that are slowly drifting out of my control and I start to wonder what kind of Christmas we will have at my church this year.  Today in my morning devotion I was struck by an amazing fact: the first CHRISTMAS happened without ME!

No matter how many hours I work or how much money we might spend, we will never come close to the amazing event, we know as the birth of Jesus – the First Christmas. so may this short, simple post of a coughing Pastor remind you that Christmas is all about Jesus – and while he welcomes the work we do to celebrate, certainly does not need us to make this a Christmas to remember. If you want to make this a “Christmas to remember” – spend your time in remembering the first Christmas!