To facebook or not to facebook that is the question.  Today in a world filled with social media, many inside the church are staring to question the use of facebook.  This question is a good one, and should be examined.

Recently a New Jersey Pastor asked his congregational leadership to close their facebook accounts, and urged his congregation to do the same.  His reasoning was that he has seen too many marriages split up by spouses using facebook to contact “ex-flames” and these contacts leading to adultery.

Recently a Minnesota School district urged all of these teaching and coaching staff to “unfriend” any students or players that they have on their account.  Their reasoning was that often the social postings, and photos of their “adult” teachers are often letting students into a part of their adult life that is not appropriate for children and youth.

Many companies have now locked down the ability of their workers to get on facebook during the day from their office networks.  There are two reasons they often site for this; loss of productivity as workers spend too much time online, and the harm that can come to a network through the many viruses and malware that can be found in various facebook applications.

These are all valid concerns and with the exception of the virus and malware concern, all of these concerns can be traced to one basic question: Are you living your life as an Ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ?    We are called to be Salt and Light in a world of darkness, poisoned by sin. We are called to be culture shapers, unashamed proclaimers of the Lordship of Jesus in our lives.

In my 20+ years of ministry I have discovered that my role as a Youth Worker is to help students develop, grow and protect their faith – on their own – when they leave my ministry.  For more on “Habits for Life.” drop me a note and I would love to share more with you. One of the Habits for Life that I lift up is “Accountability” having someone to wlk the faith with, a close Christian friend who is able to speak truth into your life.  This friend should be someone with whom you can be open and honest.  This accountability goes even to our online life.

As husbands and wives our lives should reflect a commitment to that relationship as a union which God has declared sacred. Our concern should be to lift up our partner, if any thing we do including facebook gets in the way of our relationship or poses a threat, we should end it.

As a youth worker, church leaders, or Christian adult our call is to set an example for the believers in faith, life, and purity.  If there is stuff you post on facebook that would cause others to question your faith, or that does not fit the great “Whatever’s” of Paul then don’t post it.

If you are working for someone other than yourself, you owe your employer a full day’s work for a full day’s wage.  We are called by scripture to do all our work as unto Christ.  If you are spending “company time” on facebook or any other online endeavors then you need to stop.

Live life as an Ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Should we be on facebook?  It is the largest collection of people and social connections our world has ever seen.  We have the ability to use this technology as a platform to lift up the Cross of Christ. If you can live online as an Ambassador the answer is yes.  If the down side of the social network,  out weighs for you the profitable use than the answer is no.

<>< Craig