This  morning I stopped by Dunn Brothers for my Wednesday morning cup of joe and writing time.  As I sat down enjoying the first sips of my coffee and turned on my computer, it happened.  The dreaded blue screen of death.  I took a moment and let my computer restart.  Tada! – it came to life with the familiar windows that I am used to seeing.  But it did not take long until my friend the little blue screen came up.  I spent time trying to remedy the problem, then in frustration I gave up.

I was pumped to be writing this week.  I came to the table prepared with more thoughts than I could get down.  But it was not to be.  This morning before I left home I grabbed my Chronological Bible,  the one I am using for my daily reading and I put it in my backpack, even though I had done my reading for the day.  Now I had nothing to do while I enjoyed my coffee but read my  Bible.

While I don’t have a web cam that I can log into to see the scene in the throne room of God, I think I know what went on there today.  As the Lord of Heaven and Earth was checking out the kingdom, He took note of me and with great humor watched as I struggled to get my PC to work.  Then he called over the angels and invited them to enjoy the scene.  With a small grin and a slight nod of His head he said to those gathered, “Now that we have his attention let’s give him something valuable to do.”  It was at that point I grabbed my Bible from out of my backpack and began to read… What a joy!  It did not take me long to get lost in the text, excitment took over and I was captured.

Then, when  time was just right – As I got up to leave, filled and satisfied by The Word.  I walked toward the door to discover the keyboard and computer that I now sit at.  The watchers gathered around the Lord are all laughing.  One man’s blue screen of death is another man’s joy and delight.

Thanks Windows, without you I would have had a different and much less fufilling morning.

<>< Craig

p.s. I have no idea what I came here today to write about…. and it doesn’t matter!