While their name is “Call-Em-All” it should be “Call-Em-&-Text-Em-All.”  A good service just got better!  I have been using CallEmAll for several years to help get the word out about upcoming events.  With one simple little online form that takes about 30 seconds to fill out and one quick phone call I can contact my whole group in minutes!  Calls and texts are payed for by either signing up for a monthly plan or by purchasing credits for a pay as you go system.

Now with the addition of Text Messaging I can also send reminder texts that I set up well in advance of the event as an added reminder.  They also allow you to use a “keyword” to have your students or parents sign up for your texts on their own.  in my case they simple text “SplatYouth” to a simple 6 digit number and they are all signed up!

So why not add this to your arsenal of communication tools.  Oh yea, I know this one is not a Freebie, but it is well worth the cost in my book!
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