We are in the season of Hallmark Christmas Movies.  There is something warm and comforting about the beautiful tender stories of people learning the meaning of Christmas, but let’s be honest if you have seen one Hallmark movie, you have seen them all. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Hallmark flick but they are not exactly filled with surprises or cliffhangers.  Now lets look at the real story of Christmas, the story of God’s people in almost constant rebellion to their creator. Openly defiant and desiring nothing but their own way, yet through all of this God’s love can be seen in his promises.  The promises of rescue and redemption, of Light out of darkness, of tenderness out of captivity.

While Hallmark might have the market cornered on tender touching stories, nothing can beat the real thing. This season when flipping through the channels on TV, or scrolling past the cute photos of loved ones on social media take some time to remember the one who invented tender!

HOW has God shown his tenderness toward you?