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I remember being excited when foxfire browser came out with tabs to help keep track of your opened windows.  Now all the browsers have tabs and they have become second nature to us.  However in this wonderful world of tabbed browsers we still have those basic Microsoft products that we use everyday opening and stacking themselves up in my task bar.

Even with all the advances Microsoft has made with their flagship products Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, we still have no tabs.  Until now that is!  finally someone has introduce me to a little add on for Microsoft office that brings the wonderful world of tabs to my word processor.  I often have multiple documents or workbooks open as I work on projects.

Now you can add the simple program “Office Tabs” to your system. The program adds tabs to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This helps keeps all your open files in one window. More than just having tabs you can select and rearrange the tabs. Many common file tasks have been added through it’s right-click menu.

The tabs can be customized with a number of options. You can choose the tab bar position and the tab styles, for example. It lets you customize how the tabs are opened and closed.

Did I mention that Office Tabs is free for personal use. For business however, use you will have to pay. Additionally, some advanced features are disabled in the free version. If you try to use them, you will get a notice to upgrade. Just hit cancel to keep using the free version.  There is also an enterprise edition to put in on your system network wide.


<>< Craig – Enjoy!