As an ipod using youthguy (aka UthGuy) I like iTunes.  As a UthGuy who like the easy music solution I like Pandora.  As a really cheap, want to hear it NOW UthGuy I like the new Spotify.

Cnet calls Spotify, “the best free music option since stealing.”  Yea, well we here at UthGuy Tech do not advocate stealing, but free…. we are all over that!

So what is Spotify?  In a nut shell, you tell your spotify what you want to hear, and it plays it for you.  Yea that’s it oh and did I mention…for free, and without limitations for up to six months.  Unlike Pandora, it doesn’t play something similar to the song you want, it plays the song.  Unlike iTunes,  it’s not just a 30- to 60-second clip of the song you want it plays you the whole song or album, just as if it were in your personal music collection.

So do you want to stay current on what top his and underground music yur youth are listening to, but your board was not to keen on a $300 line in the budget for “iTunes?”  Then you need to check out Spotify.  They also have a premium version that you can subscribe to which allows you to store your music to listen to latter “off line.”

Right now Spotify is by invite only! If you were lucky enough to get in invite, you know what I am talking about.  If you didn’t get an invite, but want one, I can help you out.  Just leave your contact information in the comment below, along with how you found us and I will send you an invite.
They also have great apps for all your mobil devices!