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What’s your role in the celebration of Christmas? You might be the architect of the outdoor lighting display, or the master baker and keeper of the families recipes? Maybe your role is to be the weird Uncle who never misses a family gathering. (Remember in my home “Weird is good!”) Maybe you are the one who drafts the ongoing family Christmas letter written with the voice of the Dog, year after year. Maybe you are the family piano player for the Christmas Hymn Sing. Or perhaps you are the master gift wrapper, who makes the gifts so beautiful that no one wants to open them. Perhaps your Christmas gift or miracle is your ability to untangle the lights from last you and get them on the tree again this year.

For many years when my wife’s family would get together at Christmas, there would be a “job jar” and everyone would draw a slip for the day.  Your job might be to wash the first half of the dishes or to put away the extra tables and chairs. I always wanted to get the job of cheering the loudest during the afternoon Football game on TV or being the second half dish dryer. The best job was to make sure that everyone was having a good time.

The Bible describes the coming of Christmas with different assignments as well. According to Isaiah 49 It was heaven’s job to Shout for Joy, it was the earth’s job to rejoice, and it is the mountain’s job to burst into song.  Zephaniah 3 hands out more assignments the daughter of Zion is to Sing aloud, Israel is to shout, and the daughter of Jerusalem is to rejoice with all her heart.  Do you notice these were not really tasks, like cleaning, or cooking, or decorating?  There are all jobs of celebration. Scripture in many places reminds us what our job at Christmas is; To “Go Tell It On The Mountains.” We are to shout it aloud, to rejoice, and be joy-filled.  Why the other tasks may help to make the day fun, or comfortable, or memorable. The best thing we can do is not get caught up in the stuff of Christmas, but just get lost in the celebration of the greatest event in the history of the World, God became a man!

HOW will you get lost in the celebration of Christmas this year?