I know I spent too much time this year trying to come up with ideas of what I wanted for Christmas. The reality is I have more than I need, and most of us do.  Yet, we continue to get caught up in the shopping, and the buying, and the giving.  Don’t get me wrong I love to give gifts and express my love for those to whom I give the gifts.

I also love to help those in need, and this Christmas It is a joy to be generous with my time, and my resources to help those in need.  I just helped a local congregation bring in their gifts 6 very large Black bags filled with wrapped Christmas gifts for 3 families in need.  My church is blessed to be a blessing to so many in need, and we are even more blessed when others in the body of Christ assist us in this mission.

Take time and ponder how much time, energy and dollars, is used up in the exchange of gifts between overly blessed people. Ponder also how you might be able to help break the cycle in some small way, more and more each year.

WHAT gift would you most like to give to someone in need?