This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the wedding of my niece Jen and her new husband Terry.  We arrived in town the day before and were able to help them get some of the last minute items ready.  It was fun to work together as a family to celebrate this big day.

Soon all the decorations were up, the Bridal party was looking their best, the Bride was radiant, and the guests had arrived.  It was time! With the Pastor in place, the bridal party took their places standing around the arbor adorned with beautiful flowers. Now I must admit some of the flowers were drooping a little in the 80+ degree and humid day.

Warm or humid, it didn’t matter at all – it was wedding time! In walked the boys, 3 of the cutest little boys you could ever assemble with their buckets filled with silk autom leaves to prepare the aisle for the Big event – THE BRIDE.

I may be a little bias, since I am her favorite Uncle, but she was beautiful! The ceremony was beautiful, the Pastors words, the vows, the whole event was wonderful. But wait there is more!

Now it was time for the dinner, dance, and celebration. More time to spend with family and friends, and to celebrate the big day with the bride and groom. The photo booth is getting use, the dance floor is full and the conversation is growing loud.

Soon this too will come to an end as the crowd begins to fade the DJ announces that they will play one more song, before the big “sparkler” send off.  Then the music starts it is a song that is familiar to everyone and I notice odd looks on the faces of many in the room. The song being played was “American Pie.”

I looked to my wife and said, “This guy must be paid by the hour and he is going to max this dance out.” The bride who is standing just behind me says “I requested this song. Do you know why?” I had to admit I did not have a clue.  She explained that while she and Terry were first dating and the night was coming to an end he would often say, “I should be going, I stay for one more song.” This was Jen’s cue to find the longest song on her playlist – often it was “American Pie”

What a great way to make the evening last. Today our district Pastors conference began with a communion service. The last hymn we sang was a long one, and a great Easter Hymn. As we sang all the verses I thought – we should always put the long song at the end. We should enjoy this moment in the fellowship of other believers, offering praise to our Gracious God – who want to leave this. To quote St. Peter on the mount with Jesus “‘Tis good Lord to be here!”

So the next time you are watching you watch during worship and the final song begins I pray that they too saved the longest song for last, not to raise your frustration level, but to remind you to savor the moment you have just spent in fellowship and Worship.