For many years I have struggled with a poor memory.  Names have never come easy for me, after 13 years at Trinity Waconia I almost knew the whole staff.  OK so maybe it’s not quite that bad.  But I still put many miles a day on walking from room to room only forgetting what brought me there in the first place.  I pity the people who have to pay a gym for this kind of work out.  Having lived 50+ (since I keep forgetting how many, but I do know it’s more than 50) years I have a greater appreciation each day for the way that God uses His Word to call us to remember.

I often read the accounts of Scripture and marvel at just how fast the people of God can forget what he has done, or even who he is, but I shouldn’t. You see I often live life day to day forgetting the goodness and grace of God from the day before.  Below is a video of a message I have shared many times over the years.  It is called simply “remember.”  Take a moment and “remember what the Lord Your God has done!”


Remember – Memorial Day Weekend 2015 from craig mccourt on Vimeo

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