The final countdown is on toward Christmas. How is your “Rejoice Meter” reading? Are you getting tired of Christmas before it comes? Has the stress of the “obligations” of Christmas started to get to you? OR Are you getting more and more excited as the day grows near? Are you bubbling over with Rejoicing in these days of Advent?

For me, I just finished a large project that has been hanging over my head for weeks and in many ways was sapping the “Rejoice” from my lips. Where ever we are at with our Rejoice Meter, we are called by Paul to always Rejoice. While we may find it easy on Christmas Eve, with the carols and choirs, and the joy of the news of the baby to Rejoice we are called to make this a daily event.

So how do you recharge your rejoice meter on those dreary cloudy overwhelmed stress filled days. For me, nothing puts me in the mood for rejoicing, even in the midst of stress like taking a little time to reflect on the blessings in my life, a moment of gratitude can lead to a day filled with thanksgiving which leads to Rejoicing!

I pray that as the days grow closer, the day we celebrate Christ’s birth, and the day of his return we will take time for gratitude and find reasons to rejoice.

WHAT gives you reason to rejoice today?