One of the first pastor’s I ever served with Rev. Elmer Scheck was religious about his afternoon “power nap”. I was fascinated by the simple fact that he could take such a short refreshing nap and wake up full of energy and resolve! I always thought that the term “power nap” was just a way to justify catching a few winks on the job. That is until I started taking a post-lunch “power nap” most days.

There is something wonderfully recharging in this 30-minute retreat into the easy chair in my office. I turn off the lights, and give the nap commands to my echo dot, “Alexa, play some John Michael Talbot, and set an alarm for 30 minutes. The rest, as they say, is history.

But there are times when we need to be recharged on a deeper level than a power nap, deeper even then a good night rest. There are times when our very soul needs to be recharged from our toes to the top of our head. There are many ways that I have found to recharge my soul.  One of my favorites is to get away for a couple of days alone, with just my Bible and something to write with. (Well, plus a little food, coffee, and chocolate)  It takes a couple of days for the rumble of my mind to calm down and then…. ah, the refreshing recharge begins as I spend time alone with the Word.

The strange thing is that as much as I enjoy this getaway, I rarely find time to take it. So I look for a more functional deep recharge. Tomorrow mine begins, as I fly to Phoenix for the 2017 Best Practices for Ministry Conference. This is one of those conferences that make you rejoice in what the Lord is doing in His church. A collection of 2000+ like-minded missional thinkers who are able to see that God is not in any box at all, but works in a new and exciting way each day.

For 3 days I will soak up The Son and some Arizona sun, be challenged to think differently about the Call of Christ for His church, and to be encouraged and recharged by fellow Lutherans. I hope that you find ways to recharge your soul, and would love to hear what recharges you. Share your ideas in the comments below.

<>< Craig


What recharges you?

How can you help recharge others?