This morning as I was enjoying a cup of coffee on my porch, listening to the birds and preparing for my day, I was asked a question. I was asked, by my own website, to “prove your humanity” by filling in the answer to the problem of 9+3=___. Now, before you think I have gone off the deep end, I know that my computer was not asking me to truly “prove my humanity” but only to prove that I was not a web crawler or robotic hack trying to get into my website.

But the question did make me ponder . . . What proves my humanity?

  • I think that part of it comes from the simple act of siting on my porch with a cup of coffee, listening to the birds—and loving it.
  • It is found in the simple fact of getting up in time to put out breakfast for our guests this morning.
  • It is also found in the fact that I desire and crave to know my Creator and to recognize that I am not a random colection of DNA and cells.
  • I believe part of it lies within the fact that the current political culture of our nation frustrates me and often leads me to prayer.
  • It is also proven by my passion in life to use stories to share the reality and wonder of God’s presence in my life.
  • And of course, when I stop to ponder my humanity and my coffee gets cold.

I would love to hear from you . . . What proves your humanity?

—Just a simple man Pondering God.

<>< Craig