Back in the day when there was a prayer request you would call the church or a member of the prayer chain and the phone lines would be abuzz as the prayer request was passed from house to house. Prayers were being lifted up by many people in a short amount of time.

E-mail pretty much killed this method of the prayer chair. It was now replaced with a email list that would send the prayer request out to everyone on the list.  The weak link in this new chair was where and how the prayer got added.

Thanks to our friends at Media Salt Labs you can take that email prayer chain and go one better.  You can add a fully functional prayer wall to your website in about 5 minutes.  The Prayer Engine is a beautiful solution for the church. It combines the convenience of the web and social networking with pastoral care.

Here’s how it works. The Prayer Engine is a program that you host on your website for the needs of your people. You get a customize it for your website, so that it looks like a part of your site, not just an add on. They even provide you with a mobile web app that works on Android and iOS devices.

  • People can then submit prayer requests.
  • They can choose to make it public or just available to the prayer team.
  • Once the prayer goes through a moderation process, it is pushed to the prayer wall.
  • With the built in RSS functionality of the prayer wall, you can receive prayers in many ways including having prayers pushed out to sites like Twitter. So with one push of a prayer, the request can end up in many places.
  • The prayer includes a button titled “I prayed for this.” Anytime that button is clicked the person who submitted the prayer request get’s notified.

Their video does a much better job of explaining it to you.  The cost is a modest $99. You’ll need someone with some basic website knowledge to get it setup. If you are a church planter and building your first site, I’d negotiate the setup into the cost of your site design.