powerpointHow many PowerPoint presentations have you put together over the years?  How many PowerPoint presentations have you sat through over the years?  Did you know that many elementary school students are learning to put together PowerPoint presentations for their class reports?  The platform is here to stay.

While we are asking questions, did you know that you can do much more with PowerPoint than just make presentations?  How about an 11×17 full color poster for your next event?  or a tri-fold brochure for your upcoming mission trip?

The latest PowerPoint in Office 365 is not your father’s PowerPoint.  OK so your father never used PowerPoint, you get the point. The simple layouts to create a slide show are still included, and they are dressed up a but with many new design features. So many new features that PowerPoint is now my go to program for many of my graphic design needs.

Next time you need to make a poster for your upcoming youth event give PowerPoint a try.  The secret is in setting up the correct paper size. This is done in the design tab. You can design an 11×17 poster in a snap using all the great features of PowerPoint.  One of the features I like are the grid lines that show up when you need them. Lines will help guide you to put your photo in the center of the page or to line it up perfectly with the photo you have at the top of the page.  The same is true of text boxes.

When your done with your poster, complete with full color background save it as a PDF and you have a easy to print and share poster.  Whenever you share your creative genius you can send them the native file, but also send them a PDF that way any fonts you used will be preserved, even if they don’t have the fonts on their system.

Check out these sample posters designed with PowerPoint:

Breathe Poster 11×17 web final

Crafted by the King Poster letter size

So go ahead and give it a try let your creative juices flow!