This morning I stopped into a Caribou Coffee for a little quiet time before I start my day. There is Quiet time, and then there is quiet time.  The parking lot was full so I anticipated the buz of an early morning coffee shop. I was not surprised to find almost every seat in the place taken.

When I got my coffee and headed to a comfy chair, yes, there was 1 open. I noticed the silence that filled the room. If it was not for the sound of the baristas making drinks and taking orders there would not be a sound in the room.

Multiple tables, had multiple people seated at them, the stools around the windows we at about 80% capacity. Yet with all the people in the room, no one was engaged in conversation. Every single person I saw was either typing wildly on their smart phone, had headphones plugged in, or were on their laptop. No one was interacting with anyone.  When I commented to the woman seated next to me about this she looked up from her iPad, which was resting on an open and turned on iBook simply looked at me and said, “um, hadn’t noticed” then returned quickly to her iPad.

Wait there is hope on the horizon, I just spotted a guy in a FCA Jacket and another man sit down by the window in front of me. Wait for it… wait for it…. YES there is real live conversation taking place. Two people looking at each other engaged in conversation.

It’s hard to share Christ with a people who are so disconnected from one another….he writes as he sits in a coffee shop on his iPad.

Time to get back to the real reason for this visit, and it has nothing to do with technology… Time to get into conversation with my King…Today I am discussing Second Peter with the author.

BTW stop reading this blog and go talk to someone! <grin>

<>< Craig