I can not even begin to tell you how many passwords I have to remember.  Well actually, I can tell you how many I need to remember, just 4. Now before all the security freaks get all bent out of shape let me tell you why I only have four.  I have one password for anything that is personal to me only, one that is personal to my family. one for my work, and one specific to the youth ministry I direct.

I know there are still many of you who are struggling with the suggestion that I have only 4 password.  But let me tell you what I do.  I have a word that is unique to me that I associate with the various areas of life. 

EXAMPLE:   You are running a ministry called “SoulFire Youth Ministry”  a word for you might be “Flames” But you cant make it that easy so you need to change it to a “non-dictionary” work like “Phlames” now add a number (any number will do lets pick “92”  no all you have to ever remember is “phlames92”.  You need to log into your website www (dot) soulfireyouth (dot) net  your password is “souPhlames92”  so when you log into your google account that you use to host your group your password is “gooPhalmes92”, logging into your facebook page your password is “facPhlames92”  get it yet?  All you have to remember is “Phalmes92”  the first three letters will be right infront of you right after the www. on your screen.

Now even through I have helped you build a series of password even you could remember there will still be sites that just are going to make it difficult.  So why not use a secure password tool to help you across your computers, across your browsers.  Let’s drop the number of passwords you need down to one.  Use my new best online friend….


There are lots of password managers that help remember and store your password.  Plain and simple, it is not your usual password manager. For sure it does that, yet it does so much more, such as:

  • Configurable form filling
  • Several multi-factor authentication options
  • Synchronizes across browsers/computers
  • Ability to store information notes securely
  • Stand-alone applications for mobile devices

Check it out and enjoy a safe secure way to surf the web.