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20130427-110001.jpgI have been a Lutheran Christian all my life, minus a challenging year or so during my college days. I have a Luther Bobble-head, I even have one of his wife Katie. I have read a great deal about the life of Martin Luther, and I’ve seen the movies. (side note lets face it the black & white oldie was the “real” luther) I studied the theology of Luther in college, I even have my very own copy of Luther’s small Catechism with a leather cover! I have taught confirmation and Bible classes for more than 25 years in the Lutheran Church and beyond. I have even read some of the early english translation of sermons of Luther’s that are now long out of print in english.

Why do I tell you all this? Let me explain. One of Luther’s deepest understanding of this relationship that exists between Creator and Creature in found in this profound understanding of God’s Grace. No where does this become more clear than in his teaching on Baptism. Luther recognized the simple act of obedience and faith is anything but simple. It is the prestigious act of a Sovereign King, who through the shed blood of His only Son, and the mighty working of the Holy Spirit in which we are declared and made righteous. Through His washing with water and The Word, we are viewed by God as holy, spotless, blameless, and are adopted as Children of the Sovereign who grants us all the rights of Sonship.

Luther’s deep understanding of this is also coupled with the fact that we Holy Children of the King live in a broken world, with broken bodies, in the presence of a powerful adversary. Living this life causes extreme tension as we live what Luther would describe as “simultaneous” lives as Sinner and Saint. Because of this great tension Luther constantly called the church to live in their Baptism. He called people to daily – every single day – remember that prestigious act of GOD in our life. He called us to confess our brokenness and sin to the only one who is able to forgive us, renew us, and lead us into that new life of an adopted child of the King.

There is nothing I need more each morning that to come into the presence of my Loving Sovereign Savior and spend time with Him. Allowing my confession to be met with His grace, my questions with His wisdom, my sorrow with His comfort, and my weakness with His Power. Clothed anew in the daily mercies of the living God gives every waking hour of my day purpose and meaning.  This is not something left for the end of the day, if I find time. I do not need to live a moment my day apart from the Grace, Forgiveness, and leadership of my Lord.

I have so often forgotten this simple truth, and more than likely will forget again. But for this day I can say “I get it…”

Don’t misunderstand me, Luther did not invent this, he was one of a long line of messed up people who “got it” and was called to pass the message on. So now it is my job, and your job. If you see me forgetting this powerful truth, remind me – and I will try to do the same.

Live today in the new mercies of God – every single moment – dwell in the shelter of the most High!

p.s. God’s shelter is mobile – take it with you out into the world, and call others to get under it too.

<>< Craig