So you have a new fresh budget and you are up for a new computer this year. First take a deep breath and ponder this question, “What option is best for me, Tablet, laptop, desktop?” In the next few days we will look at Tablet and PC options and combinations. The first thing you want to do to get ready for a new computer is get a FULL backup of your old computer. With the low cost of portable drives these days if you do not have one – now is the time. (Stop by the Eden Prairie Office Depot and I show you some nice ones – wink)

BelarcA new computer means a new operating system and re-installing old programs. To make sure you have all the info you need off your old system, once your back up is done, you need to run a system report. Have I got a deal for you! There is a great tool for this purpose that is FREE, we all like Free – even with a fresh budget. Download the Belarc Advisor you can find it by clicking the Big Button! This will print a report telling you everything you need to know about your computer. It details the hardware in your computer as well as software, programs – versions and those often lost install codes you need to add those programs on to your new box. Once you run the report print it out and save a pdf copy to your backup drive.

OK you did step one and two, now come back for more New Years Tech Tips in a couple days!