So you just got a new computer for the Youth Room or for your personal home computer.  The store wanted to charge you $$Bucks$$ to “Clean it up” and get it ready to use, then they wanted to sell you all the “protection” you need for it.  Well do I have a deal for you!

First you are going to need to set up some basic protection on your computer.  There are some basic items you need: Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware, and A good Firewall.  I have some recommendations below that are all FREE and Excellent programs, ones that I use myself and have for years.

Free antivirus software:
• AVG AntiVirus – Top Pick
• avast!
• Avira AntiVir Personal
• Microsoft Security Essentials – Top Pick
• Panda Cloud Antivirus

Free firewalls:
• Zone Alarm – Top Pick
• Outpost Firewall

Free anti-spyware programs:
• Ad-Aware
• Spybot Search & Destroy – Top Pick
• Microsoft Windows Defender – Top Pick

You also no doubt have lots of “Sample” limited time – trial copies of annoying software on your machine.  There is a quick and cheep way to clean up your machine.  The technical term is “decrapify.”  I didn’t coin the word.

Visit for an easy fix that only cost $5.00

I hope these tips were helpful, and I hope they saved your youth budget a few bucks at the same time!