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Maybe you have heard the news. I saw it flying around Facebook and found this story on fox news. Students in Plano, Texas will not be wearing their National Honor Society stoles for graduation so that they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Read that sentence again slowly. Is it just me or does this make less than no sense? They are calling it a move to be more politically correct and inclusive.  Once again we address the lowest common denominator. While I understand that concept when it comes to math is makes no sense when it comes to life.

National honor society Someone needs to help me understand why it is okay to hurt the feelings of the students that put forth the effort to earn this award, but we wouldn’t want to risk challenging those who didn’t try reach for something higher! Trust me when I tell you I was not a member of the National Honor Society, but I was never offended by those who were.  I have also had the privilege of helping students work on their requirements for the award as a youth worker for many years.

We need to start creating a culture for our children that rewards their efforts and challenges them to reach for higher and higher goals. We need to return to the days of tag, and dodge-ball, not to mention an end to participation awards!

To those who might have hurt feelings over this, very few would have any reason to feel hurt. I recognize that there may be a family that never supported their child’s efforts to earn the NHS award.  I also know that many children have pushed through non-supportive families and reached great heights.  When are we going to stand up and stop creating the victims that our culture is so fond of these days.

How about right now – Let them wear the stoles they earned!

<>< Craig