doughnut-dollies-IIHIHWhere has the time gone? It is the first Friday in June which can only mean one thing, It is National Doughnut Day.  One of the few U.S. holidays days not started by one of the card companies.  Neither Dunkin Doughnuts nor Krispy Kreme can take credit for this one either.  For this day the credit goes to the Salvation Army who began helping out a campaign started in 1938 to help honor those who served doughnuts to the troops in World War I.   Doughnut Dollies was the name given to those who brought doughnuts to hospitals, and to the troops around the world. Today I have a doughnut in their honor!

The modern incarnation of Doughnut day has a little more to do with the doughnut makers and retailers than the Salvation Army.  I will take advantage of the day to share a personal quest I have been on to rid the world from doughnut holes.

In my humble and personal data-less study I have come to two astounding conclusions.

Doughnuts_imageFirst – Doughnuts make a great choice for breakfast or a anytime snack since the majority of the calories have been removed from the center of the doughnut.  Why do you think they have a hole?  This health benefit can even be seen in the frosting which happens to often drip though the hole saving you even more calories.

Secondly – Doughnut holes are a terrible snack because they are calorie rich and pose a major health risk to our nation.  Not only are the holes far more calorie rich by volume than a doughnut but you must consume several of them for the simple enjoyment level of a doughnut. Can you see why this is so dangerous.

So join me by sharing this post with others as we try to rid the world of doughnut holes – do it for the children!


How can you help?

  • Post the image above on your Facebook page, and in all email correspondence you ever do. Also makes a great t-shirt.
  • Eat all the doughnut holes you see, to save others from the dangers inside.  Remember sometimes we are called to sacrifice for the greater good.

<>< Craig

…more proof I’m not normal!