cheesecakeNational Cheesecake Day is further proof of a divine creator. While National Cheesecake Day may not rank among the top American holidays, I feel it should be placed on the Christian calendar as a religious holiday. I’ll explain this more in a moment.

Without a doubt, cheesecake is among my favorite desserts. My editor, Melissa, and her husband, Christian, had a cheesecake bar at their wedding reception several years ago, but my taste buds remember like it was just yesterday.

Let me back up and explain where my love of cheesecake comes from. My bride, Shirley, was looking through a collection of favorite dessert recipes from a magazine and she came upon a recipe for Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. For many years, while serving at Trinity in full-time youth ministry, we hosted a youth fundraiser called the Sweetheart Banquet. While the food was always tasty and the service was exceptional, I know why people really came. They came for the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, homemade by my wife, Shirley.

It was while at Trinity that I had my first brush with diabetes, and my wife discovered that she could make a cheesecake that was still fantastic even with a sugar substitute. My addiction was born.

A few years later, Shirley picked up a cheesecake cookbook from the checkouta isle of a local grocery store. She then made it her mission to cook her way through the entire book—A mission I fully supported and encouraged. After all, a husband’s job is to champion and encourage his wife in daily life and mission, right? We have had some amazing cheesecakes. White Chocolate Raspberry, Caramel Pecan, Pumpkin Swirl, and inevitably a couple of semi-duds (you can never have a total dud when it comes to cheesecake).

We have even hosted a National Cheesecake Day Party in our home, which featured a wide variety of cheesecakes for our guests. We have had people ask us when the next National Cheesecake Day Party is going to be. For the record, National Cheesecake Day is July 30, in case the publisher of your calendar did not choose to list it.

You know, if you need a moment to go get a piece of cheesecake, it’s OK. I’ll just wait here. You can come back and finish reading this later, maybe over a piece of cheesecake and a good cup of coffee. Coffee . . . oh, don’t get me started.

Hey, you’re back—awesome!

Now, to get back to why National Cheesecake Day should be a national Christian holiday. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy food. I think most people do. I enjoy the wide variety of tastes and textures found in food. I enjoy the act of eating, both alone and even more so with others. Why? Why does food have so many tastes and textures? Was it necessary for God to put such a wide variety of tastes in the world? Was it necessary for Him to design a tongue, nose, and brain able to discern and enjoy them?

No, it was not, but God is good. The psalmist understood this when he spoke of this loving God with these famous words:

8  Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8 (NIV) 

I have long been puzzled by these words. But I have grown to know that these words are literal. “Taste and see that the LORD is good.” Every time we enjoy a new food or treat, it should cause us to pause and remember that our sense of taste was not a requirement, but a simple bonus from a God who loves us more than we can understand.

So are you with me? Will you add your name to the list of those who believe that National Cheesecake Day should be a national Christian holiday? We plan to celebrate it with cheesecake, scripture, and a time of grateful praise to a God who delights us.

QUESTION: What are some things that show you that God is good, and loves you more than you can imagine?

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