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I noticed as I logged into my blog site today that this was going to be post number 101.  There is part of me that laments that over the years I have lost so many of my early blogs, as I changed web hosts, blog platforms and even coffee shops.

It seems as if there is added pressure today to make this one good. Breaking the 100 barrier has to mean something.  OK Creative juices – time to flow – I am in my favorite coffee shop at my favorite table with a cup of coffee and my laptop plugged into the only working outlet within reach.

Snow is lightly falling its a beautiful November morning.  The only problem is the date is April 20!  I feel like breaking into song “It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!” In a year where Easter falls about as late in the year as it can fall with out falling off the calendar completely snow seems odd.  As I ponder turning our lemons into lemonade, I suggest we could save alot of money this year and not die our Easter eggs. Now the Easter egg hunt would be a real hunt.  White eggs tossed about on a snow covered lawn – now that’s hunting!

RANDOM THOUGHT: Speaking of Easter egg hunting, don’t you think we should give it a different name, like the great Easter Egg Gather.  There is typically not any hunting involved, it just a question of who can pick them up the fastest.

Well I must admit the old “hot pen” theory is not working today.  The idea that if you just start writing great thoughts will flow.  I’m struck with the thought – What is 100 is my limit. What if I reached the end of my sage and wise words, what would my 3 readers do?  When I send them into a deep depression?  Or would they find whole new meaning in life now that they no longer have to waste time reading this blog.

Don’t panic readers, I will let you in on my latest project: McRandom – The random ramblings of a Christian Storyteller.  Inspired by a youth in my youth ministry who told me that I was just full of random stories. You can find them online on my new YouTube page

Now you have a new option of how to burn up all that extra free time you had on your hands.  I am here to help you procrastinate the meaningful work of your day, or perhaps to lighten your day with a bit of laughter or inspiration.

So go ahead, you have already burned up this much time – what’s a few minutes more.

<>< Craig

Have an idea for a McRandom? leave me a comment.