monday-706919_640One thing I do each Monday is gather a few freebies to add to my graphics collection. I can never pass up a freebie and I don’t want you to either. So here are a few Monday morning freebie links to help you brighten your week. – Here you can gather freebie font’s, graphics, filters and more.  Fresh collection of downloads each Monday. – Light Stock one of my favorite Christian stock photo sources and they provide quality free samples each Monday. – In addition to a weekly stock photo they also provide a weekly vector graphic. – Light Stock also provides free monthly video clip.

I grab the freebies each week, they are “stock piled” in graphic folders on my computer.  It is amazing how many time I have gone back to the folders to find I have a graphic in hand that is the perfect fit for my project.  These freebies also introduce you to photographers and designers you may wish to use in the future on a project. While these two sites provide us with great weekly freebies they are also great sites to purchase good graphic resources at fair prices. I have purchased from both sites over the years.