Martin Luther was not a “King”

Growing up as a young Lutheran boy I was often confused as I heard about two Martin Luthers. Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. while both were pastors and both had a large impact on their world, they are two distinctly different persons.

Christianity Today writes; “It is claimed that there have been more books written about Martin Luther than anyone else other than Jesus Christ. The name Martin Luther inevitably shows in the top ten on those lists pundits compile about who were the most influential in shaping our modern world. He is one of those few who can be indisputably proclaimed a ‘hinge of history.’”

Becoming a world changer was never on Luther’s bucket list. He was too busy trying to save his own soul. It was a promise made in the midst of a thunderstorm that brought the timid Luther to the monastery.  Caught out in the storm Luther feared for his life and in a moment of panic called out “Saint Ann, save me and I will become a monk.” She did, and He did.

It was from the walls of the monastery that Luther’s great journey of faith and discovery began. has a 12-week bulletin series to help your congregation celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  We have created a 12-week series to run the back of their inserts to share more of the story of the reformation.  They are available for FREE as a .pdf (unbranded) for you to use.