Luther Made the List

There are lots of lists on which you might find Martin Luther’s name.  Some of them might include; Most Prolific Authors, Great Hymn Writers, Great Lutheran Theologians, Well Know Excommunicated Catholics, just to name a few.

There is one list that came out in 1998 as the world prepared for the new millennium. Time-Life undertook to amass a list of the most important events and people of the past 1,000 years. They gathered ideas from around the globe from scholars, world leaders, and everyday people. They then began to draw the list down and after several months of “very contentious meetings,” they arrived at the top 100.

It might not surprise you at all that Martin Luther was on the list, but it might surprise you that he was ranked #3. The event that put Luther on the list is what we are celebrating this year – the nailing of the 95 these on the church door.

“The Reformation had begun: Political authorities would never again be fully subject to the dictates of a distant clergy, and the map of Europe would be determined by the nationalism that still dominates world politics today.” (from “The Life Millennium”)