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It is that time of year when you can see the creativity of your neighbors.  It is also when you can tell who has a fear of heights.  As you drive around your neighborhood you will see lights out for Christmas, and these can tell you who is afraid of heights.  All their lights are on ground level – take mine, for example, I have 9 flood lights part of my display – all on the ground. Across the street, the roofline is lighted along with several trees in the yard, he has no fear of heights.

But in addition to gaining a little trivia about the neighbors, I love the light displays.  At night when I come home from work, I often drive different routes to see different displays. There is something very “Christmas” about lights.  The Bible reminds us that the God who hung the stars, sun, and moon in place stepped into our sin-darkened world to be our light. Jesus declares that he is, in fact, the Light of the World. So it is no surprise that we decorate with lights and don’t forget about the Star. Talk about a light – the star of Bethlehem was a beacon, a sign, a promise of the King who was coming into the Word to be our light!

It is also time for our favorite car game when our children were younger, “Baby Jesus Scene.” As we would drive around town we would look and shout when we saw a Baby Jesus Scene seeing who could get the most sightings in a trip.  I pray your family is seeing the Lights of Christmas, and Baby Jesus Scenes all over your community.

WHAT comfort does it bring to you to know that Jesus is the Light of the World?